The Bear from the North

The Bear from the North

Good Day to each of you reading this column on the bear from the North or commonly called Russia.

What an intense time here in the United States, with the bear attacking the Ukraine republic, gasoline and natural gas prices going thru the roof, grocery shelves empty, low house inventory, high prices on houses being sold, high rent, low wages, and list goes on and on with retailers prices going upward.

This reminds me of a sign I have that says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger except bears—Bears will kill you! so funny and yet so true, just ask the Ukrainians.

Fellow Christian, I am sure that you have been following this situation on the TV, radio or on the airwaves and I want to supply you with some factual information to ponder. This material is not supposition or my opinion as I will give the sources and let you be the judge!

One of my sources is the Trends Journal by Gerald Celente and I wish to quote the following from Page 58-59, February 22, 2022:

TRENDPOST: What is not being reported in the ongoing Ukraine/Russia/US/NATO conflict, is that a major growing political force in Ukraine are neo-Nazi forces. As reported by Reuters in March 2018 in an article “Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem,” they note that “As Ukraine’s struggle against Russia and its proxies continues, Kiev must also contend with a growing problem behind the front lines: far-right vigilantes who are willing to use intimidation and even violence to advance their agendas, and who often do so with the tacit approval of law enforcement agencies.” Others had contended that these neo-Nazi forces were also instrumental in the overthrown of Ukraine’s democratically elected president, Victor Yanukovych back in 2014. The Reuters article also states, according to Freedom House’s Ukraine project director Matthew Schaaf, “numerous organized radical right-wing groups exist in Ukraine, and while the volunteer battalions may have been officially integrated into state structures, some of them have since spun off political and non-profit structures to implement their vision.” Schaaf noted that “an increase in patriotic discourse supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia has coincided with an apparent increase in both public hate speech, sometimes by public officials and magnified by the media, as well as violence towards vulnerable groups such as the LGBT community,” an observation that is supported by a recent Council of Europe study.”

Yet, these neo-Nazi facts of who is pushing the war with Russia are ignored. However, today, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, in his article “Breaking news: Russia Has Given Up On Negotiations and Will Resolve the Donbass Issue by Recognizing the Independence of the Republics,” notes that Ukraine President “Zelensky has not been able to function as president, because he is caught between Washington and the CIA controlled neo-Nazi militias and is up for reelection.”

It is so interesting that I looked up the article Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem dated March 19, 2018 by Josh Cohen and an article from dated 1/15/22 on The CIA May Be Breeding Nazi Terror in Ukraine which is excellent reading.

Again. I ask that you read each of the articles to form your thoughts, but I have learned that their are two sides to each story.

Let’s go to the next bit of information to see why Russia has attacked the Ukraine and put together another piece of the puzzle as written in the Trends Journal dated 2/22/22–: Long forgotten, and not mentioned by the Western media or its politicians, was the U.S. and NATO’S pledge not to expand into Eastern Europe following the deal made during the 1990 negotiations between the West and the Soviet Union over German unification. Therefore, in the view of Russia, it is taking self-defense actions to protect itself from NATO’s eastward march.

As detailed in the Los Angeles Times back in May of 2016, while the U.S. and NATO deny that no such agreement was struck, “…hundreds of memos, meeting minutes and transcripts from U.S. archives indicate otherwise.” The article states: “According to transcripts of meetings in Moscow on Feb. 9, then-Secretary of State James Baker suggested that in exchange for cooperation on Germany, U.S. could make ‘iron-clad guarantees’ that NATO would not expand ‘one inch eastward.’ Less than a week later, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to begin reunification talks. No formal deal was struck, but from all the evidence, the quid pro quo was clear: Gorbachev acceded to Germany’s western alignment and the U.S. would limit NATO’s expansion.” Also, as noted in the National Security Archives, “Not once, but three times, Baker tried out the “not one inch eastward” formula with Gorbachev in the February 9, 1990, meeting. He agreed with Gorbachev’s statement in response to the assurances that “NATO expansion is unacceptable.” Baker assured Gorbachev that “neither the President nor I intend to extract any unilateral advantages from the processes that are taking place,” and that the Americans understood that “not only for the Soviet Union but for other European countries as well it is important to have guarantees that if the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO, not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.”

Yet, these and other facts regarding the agreement of NATO not to expand are being totally ignored by the mainstream media and the U.S. and EU governments.

After reading and re-reading this article, the picture is getting so much clearer that we have those in very high positions of authority that would rather lie instead of honoring what was said in past years. It is quite obvious that Russia does not want the Ukraine to join NATO for Russia knows that missiles would be aimed at Russia from all the NATO countries closest to Russia.

Totally unreported by the media is Washington’s breach of the Gorbachev/Reagan agreement that ended the Cold War, whereby the U.S. vowed not to expand NATO.

The Trends Journal reported in 2016 that “forward positions in Ukraine, Georgia and the Baltic States are hundreds of miles further east than the Oder-Neisse border between Germany and Poland, where U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush solemnly promised Soviet and Russian leaders Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin that NATO would halt its expansion more than a quarter-century ago.”

As NATO’s first secretary general put it, NATO was formed in order to keep the Russians out of Western Europe and the Americans in. Instead of disbanding NATO when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Washington dramatically expanded NATO.

In violation of the Reagan-Gorbachev agreements, the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush regimes added constituent parts of the former Soviet empire to NATO—Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. France, taken out of NATO by General de Gaulle, rejoined in April 2009, 18 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by other nations including Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

Expansion versus inclusion is NATO—what agreements? Just a piece of paper where many of the countries previously under Russia’s control are under the NATO umbrella.

So, where do we stand right now—Here is an article with excerpts, Putin orders nuclear forces to high alert in response to ‘aggressive statements’ by NATO Powers.

In a dramatic escalation of East-West tensions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian nuclear forces put on high alert Sunday in response to what he called “aggressive statements” by leading NATO powers.

The order means Putin wants Russia’s nuclear weapons prepared for increased readiness to launch and raises the threat that Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and the West’s response to it could boil over into nuclear warfare.

Amid the worrying development, the office of Ukraine’s president said a delegation would meet with Russian officials as Moscow’s troops drew closer to Kyiv.

Putin, in giving the nuclear alert directive, cited not only the alleged statements by NATO members but the hard-hitting financial sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, including the Russian leader himself.

Speaking at a meeting with his top officials, Putin told his defense minister and the chief of the military’s General Staff to put the nuclear deterrent forces in a “special regime of combat duty.”

“Western countries aren’t only taking unfriendly actions against our country in the economic sphere, but top officials from leading NATO members made aggressive statements regarding our country,” Putin said in televised comments.

Let me begin, do you really care about the Ukraine? Do you think it would be wise to go to war with Russia over the Ukraine? Let’s be real, do you really wish to engage in a nuclear war?

As I think above this, the USA wants to maintain their missile bases in Poland & Romania, thus keeping the Russians borders in check in case of a nuclear attack. With little response time from a nuclear attack, the United States missile bases in those countries would have the advantage in backing Russia down from a nuclear attack.

Great idea, the USA has the advantage but here is another reason—The USA armament industry—NATO countries provide customers for this industry. The USA armament industry wants the fellow members in NATO to purchase their fair share of weapons from the United States for their countries defense. That’s right—it comes down to MONEY!

On one hand, we have Russia wanting to get those USA military bases off their doorstep and the United States wants to maintain and add bases close to the Russian border to offset any attempt of a nuclear attack.

Simply put, Russia has invaded the Ukraine to protect her interests for Russia could not and would not have the Ukraine placed in NATO with more US missile bases faced at her borders.

Lies, words broken and a possible nuclear strike from countries playing “Russian roulette”.

I read a very interesting article from Jackie Edwards in Thy Kingdom Come on another View on Hooks into Jaws in the March 2022 issue. Jackie, from England, bring forth some very good insight from the English view and history of what has led to this war.

Biblically, Jackie makes the point that the first and second wars are not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but they happened and we are told there will be wars and rumors of wars which will include many. Jackie points out that Satan knows the words of the Bible just as much as we do. For all we know, he could be trying to cause things to happen before God’s time.

Fellow Christian, so true and remember that God is allowing Satan to run the show or so he thinks on this earth. Is this the beginning of the Russian chapters Ezekiel 38-39 or is this wars and rumors of wars that fit the end time?

The one thing that I do know is that God is in control–not you nor I.

When praying for our American decision makers, may they be reminded that “right is might” is wrong and not to be the aggressor, but to pray for divine help to resolving each and all matters.

May we always bless God in all that we say and do.


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