Good Day to each and all of you.

I think you will agree that if we were under God’s laws and not those of man that our world would be ideal.

God has addressed every issue in his laws with a solution that makes sense and could and should be used by all.

I have been studying numerous books on his laws with the KJV Bible being the center for knowledge and understanding for many years and wish to share my thoughts and welcome your thoughts.

Our family lives in the United States of America and it is my intention to utilize the laws in our country as a comparison to God’s commandments, laws, statues and ordinances in the KJV Version of the Bible.

Please take some time and journey with me as we begin Understanding God’s Laws—I don’t have a divinity degree and I am not a Pastor nor do I have all the answers but I am in search of Understanding God’s Laws and I have a hunger for knowledge and understanding.

It is my prayer that we explore this subject and unturn any rocks concerning his laws—many questions will arise and I will give you my thoughts and you can share your, in return.

I ask that when expressing your thoughts and criticisms, that they be civil and with no profanity.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcome how we can make this website simple as well tackle this wonderful subject.

May God Bless you, protect you and keep you in the palm of his hand.