Red Sea

The Red Sea – part 2

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Semafor said the Houthis maintain what some consider “the most sophisticated arsenal of ballistic missiles and drones among Iran’s regional…
Red Sea

The Red Sea – Part 1

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Congressman Wilson hits all the issues that America is facing with a bullseye—I covered a few articles from his column…
Undersanding God's Laws
An Introduction

Understanding God’s Law

As we begin in our travels together, look at the verse cosen for the basis of Understanding God’s Laws…

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It is my prayer that we explore this subject and unturn any rocks concerning his laws – many questions will arise and I will give you my thoughts and you can share yours, in return.

The Journey to Understanding God’s Laws

I think you will agree that if we were under God’s laws and not those of man that our world would be ideal. God has addressed every issue in his laws with a solution that makes sense and could and should be used by all. I have been studying numerous books on his laws with the KJV Bible being the centre for knowledge and understanding for many years and wish to share my thoughts and welcome your thoughts…

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