Critical Race Theory Part 3

Critical Race Theory – Part 3

Good day to each of you reading this article on the critical race theory.

As a Christian, I wanted to apply the Biblical History of the Israelite and Jewish race along with the trials and tribulations they faced with the possibility of extinction.

It is so interesting to note that we have man’s way to face each problem and we have God’s way to face and solve any and all problems. Which will you choose?

Here is an opposing article found from our local paper, the on our social studies standards. When putting both articles, they both share common threads in the advancement of the critical race theory.

We need new history standards in South Carolina and a better approach to creating them. As our children and grandchildren return to public schools across the Palmetto State, their history instruction will be governed by a new set of social studies standards that do not mention George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Susan B. Anthony or Martin Luther King Jr. In fact, they do not mention the names of most of America’s top historical figures or events. The new standards were not developed by a panel of subject matter experts but primarily by educrats.

Aside from being of poor quality, a Marxist-inspired historical viewpoint is also utilized. The heroic deeds of American patriots are deemphasized in favor of a narrative that largely reduces the American story to a battle between classes of people: oppressors and the oppressed. This politically motivated approach is evident throughout the new standards, which even include a global citizenship theme. The Department of Education has made an uninspiring mess out of history instruction, which at best undermines any sense of patriotism in our youth and at worst teaches our children and grandchildren to hate our country.

Sadly, oppression is present throughout the history of mankind, and it should be covered in the classroom, but our story is not defined by it. The American story is defined by hope, bravery and the triumph of liberty. We are a country based on a set of principles that must be handed down to each generation through history education.

If the political will exists, we can put real history education back in our schools. Three policy pillars are essential:

  1. History should be the primary focus of the standards with other elements of “social studies” secondary. People ask, “Why don’t they teach history like they used to?” The answer is schools switched from teaching history to teaching social studies, thereby focusing on societal issues rather than major historical figures, events, battles, etc.
  2. The standards should be written exclusively by subject matter experts appointed by the legislature. We need accountability, and the Department of Education has shown they cannot be trusted to do this correctly. Luckily, South Carolina does not have a shortage of historians.
  3. Once quality standards are established, textbooks that present an inspiring account of the American story need to be required. If South Carolina merely prescribes the topics to be taught without addressing “how” the topics are taught, we will not have accomplished the task.

    Legislative efforts led by S.C. Rep. Lin Bennett and S.C. Sen. Dwight Loftis to restore real history education are encouraging, but solving this problem will require the vocal support and engagement of veterans, concerned citizens and parents from across the Palmetto State. It is a core patriotic duty of our time.

Read the full article here:

According to their website:

The American Heritage Association was formed out of necessity. Across the country, we have seen vandalism, removal of America’s historical monuments and direct attacks on the founding principles. It is these recent events that served as a catalyst for the formation of the American Heritage Association. We are citizens who simply recognize the value of our history and its importance in maintaining a free society and the American culture itself.

The above article affects each person in South Carolina regardless of race or color for history has given each person the knowledge to read the positives and negatives of our forefathers and to do or not do what they did.

These men and women were not without sin and they did terrible things to those that had no way of defending themselves. These same men and women did many wonderful things to help grow this United States.

Honestly, how does a statute hurt you? Physically, NO. Emotionally, here is a term that is loosely used—common sense would tell you that a person hundreds of years ago could not hurt you mentally or leave emotional scars.

Who are you to judge what monuments need to be taken down and what are to be left? Have we become a society where right is wrong and wrong is right? Are we allowing the minority to rule the majority? And what has become of common sense?

How can you judge George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Susan B. Anthony, or Martin Luther King? Did you meet them or have you went back and read old American History books on these people?

How can you as a Christian judge the above? Why is it that we give theories so much press? Is this not a theory and where is it’s credibility?

Questions, such as the above need to be asked and answers need to be given based upon what has been established. Yes, no man is perfect, no man is without sin, but altering history by not writing about what they did correctly or what contributions they made is also wrong.

As an example, let’s go back to an episode on the Andy Griffith show. The show began as Ms. Crump, the teacher was doing a lesson on Paul Revere and the Minutemen. Opie and his group of friends didn’t want to do any homework including history and was giving Ms. Crump so many fits that she thought she was going to quit.

Of course, Andy steps right in by making Paul Revere exciting and how Opie and friends could form a club known as the Minutemen in Mayberry.

As always, Opie and his friends answer the various questions in history, Ms. Crump stays and continuing American History and Andy helps make peace, brings history alive, and teaches Opie a valuable lesson.

This show brings us wonderful humor and leaves us with a lesson in each episode. Instead of altering American History, here is a Dad who brings “boring history” come alive with elementary kids. This is a feat, but it does capture the imagination and makes us appreciate Paul Revere and the Minutemen.

Why not teach American History and why not teach the feats of all great Americans regardless of color. Each race has featured men and women who have contributed greatly to building this wonderful country.

Who should be left out? No one, for each person should be commended for providing the building blocks of the United States of America. Instead of dividing this country, why not unite and lift up people instead of tearing them down no matter your race.

Theories are just that – A theory, a what-if, a possibility, and history is based upon fact from forefather who wrote letters and explained what they did. No, the people regardless of race were not perfect, whether they were the forefathers of the constitution, the leaders of the various wars, men and women who had slaves, and those who treated people of colors in a disgusting way.

In the end and we stand before Jesus, what does one say to Jesus about his or her behavior toward people of another race or ethnic background? One day we will all answer to the King—this is not a critical race theory—this is a fact.

My response as a Christian parent—please teach American History and tell the whole story of those who made this country great regardless of race or color.

Please pray for this country and elected officials and always remember the following verse—2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV) If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

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