TheFourth Commandment Part 2

The Fourth Commandment – Part 2

Good day to each of you reading part 2 of the Fourth Commandment.

Before we begin, have you noticed how much weather has changed in the past few years and that the seasons are blending. One day when I wake up, it feels like summer and the next day like winter.

I remember growing up in Florida and when I was 10 or so, I went out to play and watched it rain on one side of the street and it did not rain a drop on me. Now that’s weird, but as I grew older the weather has really changed to where the seasons blend in and we see colder temperatures and even snow in the Carolinas until May.

I’m sure wherever you live that you have seen many weather experiences in your lifetime and that we will see many more in our lifetime. Man seems to have all the answers including ways to try and control the weather, but my thought is that man will never succeed and let us thank God for that. If man controlled the weather, then that would be one less thing we could complain about and we don’t want that to happen.

Before we get to the lesson, one last thing about the weather—I listen to people complaining about the weather—Too hot, too cold, not enough rain, too much rain, hot and humid, weather makes me miserable—So here is the remedy—Would you like to be six feet above or six feet under? Granted, the temperature stays the same when you are six feet under and you don’t complain or listen to any complaints, but look, touch, feel, smell all the marvelous things that God has created and given to each of us and Thank him. This is the choice that God has given to each of us and as a famous movie quote says: Get busy living or Get busy dying—I will choice life and Thank God for all that he has done for me daily.

Let’s turn to the Sabbath—I have read that Saturday is the Sabbath and that Sunday is the Sabbath and both parties make compelling arguments, so why argue whether which day is the Sabbath? Who am I to tell you or anyone else that Saturday or Sunday is the Sabbath and you best observe that particular day as the Sabbath.

Turn with me to Exodus 20: 8-11 (FF) Remember the seventh day to keep it holy. Six days you may labour, and do all your business, but the seventh day is a Rest to your Ever-Living God. You shall not then do any business, you, or your son, or your daughter, your manservant, or your maid-servant, or your cattle, or your stranger who is within your gates; for in six ages the Ever-Living made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, but rested at the seventh age; therefore the Ever-Living blessed the seventh day and hallowed it.

Let’s never lose sight that God wants each of us to first remember and not forget to keep the seventh day holy. Here is where practice and routine take place to remember to keep he seventh day holy by not laboring. This commandment does not begin and end with you but each of your family members, servants, cattle and the stranger in your city.

In today’s world you would say that the stranger doesn’t believe this or doesn’t wish to observe this commandment, then that is his wish. Turn with me to Luke 9: 4-5 (FF) And into whatever house you may enter, there stay until your departure; and whoever will not receive you, depart from that town, and shake off the dust from your feet as a witness against them.

Here, in the USA, our government has taken the commandments and thrown them out the window (so to speak) since displaying them in public places may upset or offend another religious person’s rights.

The above statement steps on other religion’s toes, but as a Christian my toes have been stepped on as prayer and Bible reading have been taken out of schools. It’s time for Christians to observe each of the Commandments and show those around them that we practice what we say and that actions speak louder than words.

When, we as Christians, observe and follow God’s laws, commandments, and statutes then we will be blessed and those around us who are not following these same laws will want to follow them.

God knew well in advance that as our earth became more populated that each of us need a day for rest from laboring for our bodies and our mind. God did not stop there as he said that animals need their rest from laboring six days and that our lands that we cultivate need rest both on the seventh day and seventh year.

In the age that we live in today, it is so easy to turn the Sabbath into another day of doing business, making money or laboring, so was it worth it?

In closing, this reminds me of a small wrist band that was worn with the initials: WWJD—what would Jesus do? Would Jesus be doing business on the Sabbath?

As we turn to Mark 11: 15-17 (FF) They then arrived at Jerusalem, And Jesus, entering the temple, began to expel the buyers and sellers from the temple, overturning the tables of the money-brokers; as well as the stands of the pigeon-dealers; while He would not allow any one to carry an article through the temple. He also taught, saying to them, “Is it not written, MY HOUSE SHALL BE SET APART AS A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL THE NATIONS? But you have turned it into a CAVE OF ROBBERS.”

I don’t know what day our Lord entered Jerusalem and the temple, but if this was designated as the Sabbath day and these dealers were using the temple as a trading place then you can see where Jesus stands as he accuses them of desecrating the Temple by using it for business and making a dishonest gain from grossly unfair prices.

As we move toward the Fifth Commandment, let us reflect that each of the First Four Commandments define Man’s duty and relation to God.

May God Bless you and keep you safely in his arms.


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