the fourth commandment

The Fourth Commandment – Part 1

Good Day to each of you reading this lesson on the fourth commandment.

Before we begin, I wish to thank Brooks Alden and the team at Thy Kingdom Come for the article in the April 2019 issue. If you have not had the chance to read this publication, please go to their website: and read this publication from many fine writers they have assembled.

I know you will find their articles insightful and “spot on” delving into the deeper truth of the scriptures and the “meat” which feeds our souls.

Let me share the following article taken from Thy Kingdom Come, April 2019 on MY ANSWER by Billy Graham

Question: Why do ministers always urge us to spend more time on the Scriptures? The basics of the Gospel are simple, and I see no point in going over and over the fundamentals. Is there some magic in Scripture reading?

Answer: J. Edgar Hoover once said: “the Communists’ emphasis on keeping to the original sources of their beliefs. The faithful Communist reads Marx and Lenin constantly on a daily or weekly schedule.”

And you ask about the Greatest Book in the world’ “why must we keep going over and over the fundamentals”. The ignorance of the average professing Christian of the Bible teaching is astounding. We know more about Maverick (TV Western) then we do about the Master; and we know more about Paladin (Another TV Western) than Paul. Yes, there is a magic in going over and over the Scriptures. They become food for the soul. John said: “I esteemed His Word more than mu necessary food.” If you, were constantly reading and obeying the Scriptures, you would not have even asked your question.

It is my hope that the above article is read and that we adhere to 2 Timothy 2:15 as the time for our Lord is nearing and this age will be ending very soon.

Let’s turn to The Fourth Commandment: Exodus 20: 8-11 (Ferrar Fenton) Remember the seventh day to keep it holy. Six days you may labour, and do all your business, but the seventh day is a Rest to your EVER-LIVING GOD. You shall  not then do any business, you, or your son, or your daughter, your manservant, or your maid-servant, or your cattle, or your stranger who is within your gates; for in six ages the EVER-LIVING made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them,, but rested at the seventh age; therefore the EVER-LIVING blessed the seventh day and hallowed it.

Have you ever read Beyond Today? I have this magazine sent to me to read, educate and understand—I wish to utilize many of the thoughts on the January-February 2019 issue on Ten Biblical Purposes for the Sabbath by Mario Seiglie.

One of the first things that I learned, when reading Genesis is that God is the God of order and he does all things with a purpose, with order and to Glorify him. Why? He is our creator, so we should glorify him for everything that he has done for you and me. Turn with me to (Genesis 1: 31, 2:1-3) FF—And God gazed upon all that He had made, and it was very beautiful. Thus the close came, and the dawn came of the sixth age. Thus the whole Host of the Heavens as well as the Earth were completed. And God rested at the seventh age from all the works which He had made: therefore God blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it, because He then rested from all the work which God had arranged to do.

Knowing that God is the God of order, turn to Genesis 1 and follow each step or the first age of God’s creation from the creation of the earth and the solar systems to the sixth age of the creation of man and woman.  Do you see what God did at the end of the sixth age? He gazed upon all that He had made, and it was very beautiful.

God made us in his image and after his likeness in all ways which include each of us gazing on something that we have made and saying that it is very beautiful and having other people gazing on what we have made and saying the same thing. A quick example to illustrate is when the grass in your yard has not been cut for a long time and you cut it. You, your family and your neighbors comment on how good your yard looks—It makes you feel good inside even if it was a hot day and at the time this was a labor of love.

Fast forward to our society today—Get up in the morning, go to work, get the kids ready for school, work for 8—10 hours daily, get in the car, fight traffic, get home, cook food for everyone, get the kids ready for bed, sit down and watch a couple of TV shows and then go to bed—This is the routine Monday thru Friday and then the weekend. Saturday, get up to do yard or house chores, take the kids for their activities, pick up kids and fix dinner for the family and then collapse in the chair after getting the kids to bed.

So what about Sunday? Sorry God, no rest—I need to grocery shop, shop for kids needs, see a movie for my pleasure, cut the grass because I had to tend to the kid’s activities, attend sports practice with one of the kids, go to a sports game, or do something for me to escape all the things that I didn’t do the either six days.

That week went fast and here it is—Monday again and back to the norm—Maybe next week I can rest.

Sounds familiar—Is this how your week goes, and do you wonder why you are both mental and physical tired? Read below

Let’s explore that word Hallowed in Genesis 2:3—According to the Wycliffe Bible commentary, hallowed (kādăsh). When the Creator had pronounced his approval of everything he had made, including man, the crown of creation, he declared the work finished. For the present, he would undertake no further creation. However he sanctified, or hallowed, a day of complete rest. The Hebrew word shābăt can be translated “desisted” or “ceased” or “cut off”. During this time even God would rest from creative activity (cf. Exodus 20:11; 31:17). The seventh day was set apart to be hallowed and honored through the years as a reminder that God had appointed a season of rest, refreshment, and complete cessation of all ordinary work, toil, and struggle.

God is way ahead of you and me—He knew we would try to fit in as much as we can humanly do each day without any mental or physical rest from the previous six days. God hallowed a day of complete rest for everyone he created including himself—God used himself as the first example for all people that each of should follow. He blesses us if we follow this commandment—Here are a couple of examples of God’s blessings in the retail world—Look at Chick Fil-a and Hobby Lobby—they are closed on Sunday, so their employees can be with their families or attend church.

God not only blessed the Sabbath, but he sanctified or hallowed this day as the designated day of rest. He was the first example for each of us to follow and he put this forth via the fourth commandment. We are to remember and not forget that the Sabbath is the day for rest, reflection and remembrance of all the things that God has blessed each of us.

Please take some time to read the first chapter of Genesis—This is the creation of all things, great and small—God left nothing out—He dotted every i and crossed every t—He rested on the seventh day after creating man and woman—God showed man and woman by example that we should follow his lead and do the same.

Here’s a thought for Sunday when you are resting– He gazed upon all that He had made, and it was very beautiful.  When you reflect on the week that has passed, will you say it was beautiful and Thank God for all that he has given you?

Until next time, may God Bless you and may you thank God for all that he has done for you each day.


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